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Whether it is a scooter loan or a motorcycle loan, this financing is THE solution for tight budgets.

Formerly associated with the image of adolescence, the scooter has now become the most practical means of transport in town! Simpler and more manageable than a large displacement, it is perceived as being a fast transport since it makes it possible to avoid the numerous traffic jams of everyday life. It now targets all ages and all social categories!

And to simplify life to the end, Best Lender compares the rates charged by the largest credit organizations. So get THE cheapest rate for a scooter loan:

Why apply for a scooter credit?

Why apply for a scooter credit?

Whether it is to please your teenager or to go to work, the scooter credit will allow you to fully enjoy the road on two or three wheels!
Until recently, the scooter was often associated with the image of the young teenager who wanted to have his own means of transport.
Today, this thesis has aged. The scooter has become very popular with everyone and especially for all ages! It is no longer reserved for young high school students but has become a real accessory for modern men and women, who use it to go to work in the city or to walk around. Scooters are mainly present in major French cities, where traffic is heavy and where car traffic is a nightmare during rush hour!

There are 3 regulated motorizations in France: less than 125 cm³, 125 cm³ and more than 125 cm³. It is therefore logical that according to the power of the machine, the public is not the same, the price either and therefore the scooter credit that goes with it. It is therefore important to know that for a scooter of 50 cc and less, the user must be 14 years old, and have the BSR (Road Safety Certificate) and ASSR (School Safety Certificate)

  • For a 125 cc scooter, license B is compulsory, as well as 7 hours of training
  • For a scooter over 125 cm³, it will be imperative to have a motorcycle license unless it is on 3 wheels where the B license and 7H training are mandatory

Thus, following these 3 pieces of information concerning the choice of scooter, will then come the question of financing. A scooter costs much less than a motorcycle or a car, but it remains a significant investment for households. A scooter loan seems to be an interesting solution for the acquisition of one of these cars.

New scooter credit VS used scooter credit

As with a car or motorcycle loan, the scooter loan can be applied to both new and used vehicles.

New scooter credit

The new scooter loan will finance the purchase of any scooter purchased at the dealership.

The prices of new scooters vary according to the brand, the model but also and especially the engine power. If we compare two flagship models of scooters, we get: 

  • It is very popular with young teenagers because it is small, light and handy, but also and above all because it is a 50 cm³.
  • The Piaggio MP3 YOURBAN which costs between 6,000 and 10,000 $ in concession. This model is rather sold to active people, who need a fast means of transport to get to the workplace or simply use it for short trips and other walks.

Important : to be sure of benefiting from the new scooter credit at the best rate, you will have to select the “car credit” category in our comparator projects. This type of project is used to finance all motor vehicles. The advantage is that the rate is a little cheaper than for a second-hand scooter loan which will be financed through a “personal loan”. However, you will have to provide proof of purchase of the scooter in your credit file.

And you will see for yourself that our rates are much cheaper than in dealerships, except during the credit promotion period with the manufacturers.

Used scooter credit

For the used scooter credit, the amount requested will necessarily be lower than for the new scooter credit. It will therefore constitute a cheaper credit.

And if we take the example above, we notice that the price of the used Ludix is ​​approximately between 500 and 600 $, a credit 1000 USD will suffice.
We also note that the price of the three-wheeled model from Piaggio is around 5,000 USD used.

But the biggest advantage for the used scooter credit remains the fact that it is a credit without proof !
Indeed, whether for car credit, motorcycle credit or even for quad credit, proof will be requested by the credit organization when the vehicle is new.
This is why, by buying it second-hand, no supporting document will be required for the second-hand scooter credit.

Save on scooter credit

Save on scooter credit

When purchasing a scooter, Best Lender offers to compare the rates charged by the largest French credit organizations.
To do this, just take a few minutes to complete our exclusive questionnaire. A first notice of principle will be sent to you as soon as possible.

We therefore compare organizations to establish a ranking and help our clients in their search for credit. By avoiding multiple procedures and therefore saving time, we also save money since the highest ranked rates defy all competition!

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